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What is HubSpot?

The HubSpot Growth Platform is the perfectly designed inbound marketing tech stack that truly takes your whole business to the next level. This provides internal staff across marketing, sales, and services with an intuitive, frictionless experience to better service customers and nurture prospects, and provides customers with a smooth experience between departments.  

HubSpot indicates how HubSpot can help you move your customers from strangers to promoters

This illustration from HubSpot indicates how HubSpot can help you move your customers from strangers to promoters.

HubSpot is more than just the market leader in inbound technology, they’re also the conceptual creators of this data-driven approach. Inbound is a whole business strategy that focuses on being helpful and human by attracting, engaging, and delighting people through adding value and building trust. Their technology takes all of your business’s sales, marketing, and service efforts and ties them together by collecting data and allowing you to post, track, share, and collect information in one neat package. Not only does this put your customer at the heart of your business in a very tangible way, it also helps you understand which of your strategies is affecting what - like how a social media post is leading to content offer downloads, what SEO efforts are leading to website traffic, or which automated emails are attracting leads - and so much more.

Read more about why it’s crucial to put your customers at the heart of the your business here.

Why choose HubSpot

The HubSpot Growth Platform is the market leader in inbound technology, and this comes with many advantages.

Why our customers choose HubSpot

  • All-in-one marketing, sales, and service technology
  • All three platforms work from one database, meaning every department has the same view of the customer and can access all customer information in one place 
  • It’s designed to integrate with other technologies, meaning it can work well with your existing technology 
  • The packages start with a free option that still allows for robust solutions, and is easy to upgrade when you’re ready 
  • Intuitive and user friendly
  • Access to detailed data and easy-to-understand reports 

How to choose the right HubSpot package for your business

When choosing a HubSpot package, it’s important to be pretty clear about what your pain points are currently, and even more importantly, what your goals are. Once you have your priority scoped out, then choosing the best tool for the job becomes much easier. Not only that, the chances of a successful adoption will be far greater. 

Excitingly, HubSpot “plays nice” with a lot of other technology, meaning it can become a part of your business solution rather than bulldozing over the solutions you already have in place.

“We believe the world has changed. We see businesses using more kinds of software, not less, that all needs to work together. To help our customers grow better in this environment, HubSpot is evolving from an ‘all-in-one’ suite into an ‘all-on-one’ platform.” - Scott Brinker, VP of Platform at HubSpot

HubSpot infographic Spitfire Inbound

Once you’ve started to use HubSpot, ensure that the solution you implement is working and then expand the solution into the other problem areas of your business, if it applies. A good way to do this is with a low-risk and low-cost offering, such as the free HubSpot CRM, for you to dip your toes in the water and see what you’ll be able to do with HubSpot further down the line.

HubSpot has three Hubs:

  • Marketing Hub
    A contact-based hub focused on growing the traffic to your website.
  • Sales Hub
    A user-based hub focused on generating more leads and closing deals.
  • Service Hub
    A user-based hub focused on making customers happy.

The unifying factor of these hubs is the HubSpot CRM, and each of these enhance the use of the CRM and its ability to generate leads, close deals and satisfy the needs of your customers. 

We write about choosing the right package for your business in more detail in this article

What to consider when choosing a HubSpot package 
  • Contacts: One of the key questions when choosing the package you need is to look at the actively engaged contacts you currently have and decide accordingly. Marketing Starter and Pro includes 1000 contacts with the Enterprise level packages including 10 000 contacts. 
  • Segmentation: Lists allow you to segment your database to ensure a more personalised experience for your prospects and customers.
  • Automation: Automation is about making your marketing and sales efforts seamless for both your staff and your customers. If you really want HubSpot to work at its best for your business, automation is crucial. 
  • Size of your sales team: All HubSpot packages will help you generate more leads. To be able to streamline and automate your sales process you will need to sign up for one of the paid packages.
  • Reporting: Data is essentially what drives strategy. Without it, you’re shooting in the dark. On all hubs, as you upgrade to a higher package, your reporting functionality increases.

What is a HubSpot Solutions Partner?

HubSpot Solutions Partners have proven their mettle when it comes to getting results through HubSpot, and represent not only that the agency has a good relationship with HubSpot, but also that they’ve proven their ability to make inbound work magic for their clients. If you’re planning to start inbound marketing, we highly recommend working with a solutions partner agency.

Spitfire Inbound is a Diamond Solutions Partner

diamond-badge-colorEveryone at Spitfire is deeply passionate about HubSpot and truly believes the HubSpot Growth Platform is the best solution to inbound marketing challenges. We know HubSpot loves us too because of our unique relationship with the brand, from the multiple awards we’ve won to the Diamond tier we hold as a partner agency. 

HubSpot awards Diamond status to agencies demonstrating inbound marketing, sales, and services to the highest standards. Diamond Partners show remarkable success through using the tool and Spitfire Inbound were acknowledged globally for this recently through receiving the Happiest Customer Award from HubSpot for the EMEA region.

What does the tier status mean? 

It's simple - the world of HubSpot is a community and a HubSpot tier status isn’t just a flashy statement to bolster the brand. While statuses like this are designed to benefit the agency, with HubSpot it's also designed to ensure that clients are getting the best possible results.

The HubSpot partner programme requires an agency to not only be an expert in the tool but also execute inbound marketing services to the highest standards. At the end of the day, anyone can learn to use the tool and create an inbound strategy but you want an agency that is experienced and knows how to get you real results.

Understand more about tier levels with our article on the topic.

Ready to find out more? Read below to discover the HubSpot Hubs.

HubSpot’s sales, marketing, customer service, and CRM tools show incredible results alone, but really work best together to improve your whole business.
Watch this video to see what the tool is all about:


Tie all your marketing efforts together in one platform through HubSpot’s Marketing Hub. Use it to create, publish and distribute helpful content to nurture prospects and convert more visitors with tools like landing pages, automation, analytics, and so much more.

Watch this video to see what the tool has to offer:


End the marketing/sales silos by signing up for HubSpot’s Sales Hub. This tool provides time-saving technologies that will give you deep insights into your prospects, automate the easily repeatable tasks, and of course, close more deals - faster.

Watch this video to see what the tool has to offer:


Delight your customers and turn them into enthusiastic evangelists through HubSpot’s Customer Service Hub. Services helps you connect with customers, access their data and automate tasks to make the process as painless as possible - for you and for them.

Watch this video to see what the tool has to offer:


HubSpot’s Free CRM is the golden thread tying the HubSpot Growth Platform together. This 100% free (yes, free!) tool has everything you need to organise, track, and nurture your relationships with leads and customers. If you’re looking to implement a CRM, HubSpot’s is one of the best free options out there with functionalities you won’t get anywhere else. Read all about how to maximise your free CRM here.

Watch this video to see what the tool has to offer:



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