Meet the Spitfire Inbound team

Meet the Spitfire Inbound Team

Darren Leishman

Managing Director

- Co-founder, sales extraordinaire, creative and amazing doodler

Darren has been in advertising for the last 20 years, and ran an integrated advertising agency - Penquin - for 16 of them. He got the idea to start Spitfire Inbound after seeing the need of clients for focused, results driven marketing. With a start in Interior Design, Darren learned an important lesson early in his career - design happens in front of the client. Darren is the leader of the Johannesburg HubSpot User Group (HUG)and, in 2017, was the first South African to be elected to the to the HubSpot EMEA Partner Advisory Council (PAC).

Sarah Mills

Senior IMS & Operations Manager

Sarah Mills | Spitfire Inbound Team
- Inbound Marketer, operations manager and lover of running, fitness and sparkling wine #liveyourbestlife

After graduating with a BPhil Hons in Marketing Management, majoring in Digital Marketing, Sarah worked in a few industries, the most recent being hospitality where she held the position of marketing and sales manager. Needless to say, she’s a people person. She's our operations manager and also works as a senior Inbound Marketing Strategist at Spitfire. Sarah loves that it’s a dynamic, hands on role and a new position making waves in the digital world.

Shiran Sugerman

Brand Editor & Inbound Marketing Strategist

Shiran Sugerman | Spitfire Inbound team
- Completely obsessed with reading, lover of  content, analytics, and her family

After several years in radio, fashion and IT, Shiran became enamoured with inbound marketing. She loves that Inbound talks to people and not at them, especially after spending some time writing PR. As an Inbound Marketing Strategist and Brand Editor, Shiran works closely with clients and  content, including social media. An avid book reader, Shiran's addicted to paranormal and historical romance.

Mojalefa Mothudi

PPC, SEO & Inbound Marketing Strategist

Mojalefa Mothudi | Spitfire Inbound Team
Amateur master chef, wine connoisseur and lover of all things digital and measurable

A natural digital marketer, Mojalefa has worked in the industry for several years and has helped clients with SEO, PPC and conversion optimisation strategies. Digital marketing is his passion, and a topic he regularly blogs about. When he's not diving into the data, Mojalefa you'll find Mojalefa in the kitchen. Cooking, eating and general “fooding” make his heart flutter - and look out for his ankles. A part-time ankle model on the weekend and a toddler give Mojalefa a pretty full schedule. 

Alison Leishman

Strategic Director

Spitfire Inbound Team | Alison Leishman
- Head Strategist, co-founder, data aficionado, and scrapbooking queen 

Alison studied Occupational Therapy and worked in the field for over 20 years in various capacities. She’s been involved full time in the marketing world for the last couple of years in a number of roles - content creation, data analyst, researcher and strategist. Her key focus at Spitfire Inbound is understanding the client and their prospective customer. In particular, she looks at their behaviourand the motives behind their behaviour; translating these insights into an effective and unique inbound strategy.

Samantha Steele

Content Director

Samantha Steele | Spitfire Inbound team
- Content director,  co-founder, coffee connoisseur and maker of the best whiskey marmalade 

Samantha is a content enthusiast with a background in journalism. After a few years working as feature’s writer at various magazines, she was promoted to online editor at Your Family magazine and won Caxton's Online Editor of the Year in 2015. She has written for a variety of publications, including Forbes Women Africa, Mail & Guardian and Daily Maverick. She uses her expertise to develop robust content strategies for clients.

Maricelle Gouws

Social Media & Inbound Marketing Strategist

Maricelle Gouws | Spitfire Inbound Team
Social Media Marketer with a tremendous talent for photography and a gorgeous jewellerycollection

Maricelle studied New Media and Photography at Rhodes University and worked at DEKAT Magazine for 18 months as a journalist and has experience in writing, photography, editing and online writing and -management. She likes working with people and loves that Inbound Marketing focuses on a specific buyers personas and finds the intense online process exciting and targeted. 

Lauren Lokker

Brand Journalist & Design

Lauren Lokker | Spitfire Inbound Team
Brand Journalist, tea addict, lifelong learner, artist and animal lover

Lauren began her career as a journalist in Durban, and branched out into inbound marketing. The customer-centric nature of the inbound methodology sparked her interest, as she enjoys creating content that  simultaneously delights customers, and solves their pain points. Lauren studied a BA in Communication Science and is passionate about the human mind, technology and fine art. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her outdoors with her camera - looking for inspiration for her next painting.

Trevor Van Rensburg

Commercial Director

Trevor Van Rensburg | Spitfire Inbound Team
- Known for his keen sales insights and ability to cut through the clutter 

Trevor's worked in leadership roles across multiple sectors for the past 20 years. As our Commercial Director, Trevor takes overall responsibility for client success, including identifying new market opportunities, determining the optimal pricing to balance profit with client satisfaction, and directing marketing operations. He's an avid sports fan, and loves good wine and exotic travel destinations. Trevor loves that inbound marketing is a non-interruptive, integrated, sales and marketing strategy that attracts, engages, closes and retains customers.

Nicole Sengers

Senior Inbound Marketing Strategist

Nicole Sengers | Spitfire Inbound Team
- Inbound Marketer, team feeder and all round getting-stuff-doner

Nicole's not only working as a Senior IMS and our tech integration guru at Spitfire Inbound, she’s also studying a BSc in Biochemistry and Microbiology. She loves the trackability of inbound marketing and the fast-paced world it’s growing in. Nicole's passionate about developing data-driven strategies, which help clients achieve their marketing goals. Nicole's an identical triplet. She loves a good series and, of course, a gorgeous pair of shoes. 

Marlize Laubscher

Inbound Marketing Strategist & Design

Marlize Laubscher | Spitfire Inbound Team
Inbound Marketer, design champion, our farmgirl and owner of an amazingly stylish wardrobe

Marlize joined the team after studying a in Communication management at NWU, Potchefstroom. Marlize loves the excitement of helping her clients solve problems, and analysing outcomes - luckily, Inbound Marketing gives her constant opportunities to do this. She loves the outdoors life, art and music.

Sasha-lia Scheepers

Inbound Marketing Strategist

Sasha-lia Scheepers | Spitfire Inbound Team
New kid on the block with a desire to learn - watch this space

Sasha is all about perfection. With a backgound in logistics wedding planning and digital marketing, she's lived the inbound way: marrying content and context to create the perfect experience for each individual. She's excited that inbound marketing makes the client’s business work for them, targeting the right people and giving our clients return on investment at the same time as building relationships. She loves her family, and is passionate about event planning and coordination.

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