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Finding the balance in leadership


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During the COVID-19 crises one of the main themes that has stood out for many businesses is the balance required in leadership.

For this webinar we are bringing in two Industrial Psychologists to  share their insights. As leaders within their own business and as a team who coach other business leaders, they will take us through key insights on why balance in leadership matters, and give us a practical guide to balancing performance and empathy.

Webinar Details:

Date: Friday 22 May
Time: 10:30 - 11:30
Price: Free

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Meet the speakers: 

Bianca Pitt

Co-Founder & Director at Ferva

Bianca Pitt

As an Industrial Psychologist with experience in consulting and managing a team on projects across SA and Africa. Bianca co-founded Ferva Business Partners with the goal to change the way that organisations think about their people and processes.

Yael Rosen

Co-Founder & Director at Ferva

Yeal Rosen

Yeal took the leap to move away from corporate and start Ferva to help co-create remarkable businesses by shaking things up and empowering their clients to make real, positive, and impactful changes. 

Who should attend?

Anybody interested in learning about leadership during this crisis and understanding the human impact of COVID-19 on your business and it's people.

Why should you attend?

The world is changing and with the effect of COVID-19 taking it's tool on everyone, it's important for business leaders to understand the impact on their people.