Customer Care and the HubSpot Services Hub


What you need to know

In this course, participants learned about the HubSpot Service tools, from free to enterprise, and how to effectively use the HubSpot Service Hub to delight customers with everything from Chatbots to NPS surveys.

Academy 9-2

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Who should attend:

This course is for anybody who is interested in learning about how the inbound methodology applies to customer support and how to apply these techniques to better put the customer at the center of the flywheel.

Customer support and customer success agents would benefit from this course.


  1. Arrive and Networking
  2. Exploring Contacts, Companies, Deal and Ticket  properties in HubSpot
  3. Customise your ticket pipeline
  4. NPS and customer satisfaction surveys
  5. Tasks, notes, meetings
  6. Templates, snippets, documents & sequences
  7. Knowledge Hub
  8. Chatflows
  9. 1 - 1 Service videos

Why should you attend?

By the end of this course, you’ll be well on your way to using the HubSpot service tools effectively and allow you to create custom chatbots, build and implement customer surveys, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What you will need to bring with you?

Many of our courses are designed to help you to use HubSpot more effectively so you will need your laptop, Wi-Fi will be provided. Please also bring a notebook and pen to take additional notes.

The event is early, are there any snacks provided?

Yes! Tea, Coffee, and snacks are provided.

What does the course cost?

The courses range in cost depending on the length of the course and the depth of training. The Inbound fundamentals course costs R 1250 and the HubSpot software courses all cost R 1500.

Will I get a HubSpot certificate at the end of the course?

No. However you will be fully prepared to take your HubSpot certification exams, which you can take in your own time or you can stay for an extra hour and take the exams.  We will provide you with an attendance certificate.

I would like to bring my whole team. Can I book for more than eight people?

If you would like to book training for your team (5 or more) we can custom build a training for you. Please fill in the info form on the main page to request a custom training course. 

What do you need to know about the venue?

The course takes place at the Spitfire Inbound offices, secure parking has been provided in the office park. The offices will be open from 7:30 for early arrivals.

What do I need to know about booking?

The booking for this course is a first come, first serve but bookings can also be refunded anytime until 72 hours prior to the training. You can view the full refund policy for more details.

How many delegates will be in attendance?

Our courses are designed to offer individual assistance and ensure that all members leave fully trained, as such we have a limit of eight people per course. 

Will I get a discount for booking more than one course?

Yes! If you book for more than one course you'll get a 10% discount and if you book for all four courses you'll get a 20% discount.