Resilience in the
workplace masterclass

What you need to know

Have you ever noticed that some people/organisations seem to come out of adversity again and again unscathed?

It’s not that they don’t deeply experience the challenge, but rather how they approach and navigate it that makes the difference between those that struggle and those that succeed.

During the session we will explore: 
  • What resilience means, and where we see this in individuals and leadership.
  • A digestible, practical model that outlines what is required to move forward in adversity.
  • Simple tools and resources you can utilise to put your action plan into motion.


Date: Wednesday 22 July 2020
Time: 15:30 - 16:30 SAST
Cost: Free!

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Meet the speaker:

Lauren Ratcliffe lockstep bio

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Lauren Ratcliffe
Senior Associate at Lockstep

Having an extensive background in communications, Lauren brings a wealth of experience working in both large and small communications consultancies. Throughout her career. Lauren has always focused strongly on the development of the people and it was through realising this passion that Lauren transitioned from the world of communications, to working exclusively in People Development.

Who should attend:

Anybody who is looking to grow as a leader. This masterclass is designed for leaders across the business but those in senior position like HR, management, and C-Suite would particularly benefit from this masterclass.